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You may have been in our store, and more than likely you’ve seen our boss babe working hard - either on the floor helping guests and merchandising, or behind the scenes in our photographs and running the show with all our vendors!  She never stops moving, but we stole her for a second so we could share with you a little bit more on the “why of buy” behind our store!


Meet our owner: Melissa Briggs has owned Allure for nearing 14 years now, but fashion has been a long-time passion of hers. Melissa grew up on her family’s farm outside of York, Nebraska and being the youngest of six children, she learned to hustle in order to keep up at a very young age.  Both her parents had great style, and took pride in getting up and getting dressed every day.  Her mother loved going to the dress shop, and shopping became a favorite pastime for Melissa.  Growing up on a farm, the value of hard-work and the mindset of building something bigger to better the world was instilled in all the children.

Melissa started working for a large retail chain in college 34 years ago, and her love for retail, and helping guests find the right clothes started to shine. She’s always had an eye in putting things together, and she developed the mentality that there is an outfit out there for everyone, especially a pair of jeans. It’s not just about the clothes you wear for Melissa, it’s how they make you feel, and shopping with Melissa is an experience everyone deserves to have!  The retail world taught her that there is so much power behind one pair of jeans.  It just takes one pair of jeans to make you feel better.  One pair of jeans that fit you just right, and if anyone can find them for you – it’s Melissa. 

Melissa moved to Seward, and began working at Fashions by Barb before ultimately purchasing the business in 2008 and renaming it Allure.  The same mentality that carried her in the retail space, continues in her store now, with the mission of helping women feel confident, while carrying unique, curated pieces.  The pieces are all hand chosen by her, with a wide range of people in mind.  She selects brands that accommodate different budgets, and that can be worn by all generations.

The store grew, not only in space as she purchased the building next door to expand her brick and mortar footprint, but also online! The Allure online store serves guests from all over the country. The team at Allure is continually growing to accommodate the demands of the digital world. Being able to create job opportunities for the Seward community is what Melissa prides herself on. 

Allure is more than a curated store full of all the pretty clothes.  Allure is a sanctuary for women to come relax, feel beautiful, and be acknowledged for their own unique self.  This is more than just a place to shop, it’s a place to come, and clear your mind for a bit.

Boutique owner wearing a free people top, light wash straight leg jeans, and a white belt

So what’s Melissa loving this Spring? 

Well, we’re glad you asked!  First up, it’s ALL the denim.  Denim has come back in full force this year, with so many different styles, rises, washes, distressing, and colors to choose between. Wouldn’t you love to see Melissa’s personal denim selection? One pair in particular that she has had on repeat is the Barcelona Mavi High Rise Wide Leg Jeans.  These are a structured denim with distressing around the knee, but she especially loves the silhouette. It's definitely a strong style for the season. These jeans styled with the Dolce Vita Clear straps with clear Round heels are a match made in heaven. These sandals are so comfortable and they elongate the leg when worn with dresses and skirts and a must for the season.   

Melissa is loving all the fun dresses and skirts for the season. Some of her favorites would be the satin wrap dresses that hugs the curves in all the right spots, breezy lightweight dresses for vacation and our one shoulder dress trend.  Allure has a great selection of dresses for all ages.   These dresses and skirts can be worn for weddings, showers, graduations, and the skirts are perfect for all those occasions, or with a graphic tee and tennis shoes for a fun brunch with friends. 

Let's talk tops! Allure carries a wide variety of tops from dressy too casual for all sizes and ages.  Print blouses have been huge for the season along with casual comfy 100% cotton tees, graphic tees, and  beautiful satin blouses that pair back to denim. 

Some of Melissa’s favorite brands that Allure carries would include Liverpool, Tribal, Kut, Free People, Flying Monkey, Dolce Vita and so many more. 

Clothes should always make you feel good, and we’re here to help you do just that!! 


- Love Allure 



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